Tomiii11, the Chilean youtuber who died of a brain tumor, receives the diamond button after 10 million people subscribed to his channel

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Tomás Blanch , called Tomiii11 on YouTube, received diamond recognition from the video platform after gaining 10 billion followers. Those who received the recognition were his parents, since Tomás died on August 30 due to a brain tumor.

Tomás Blanch via Youtube

The youtuber had already obtained two plaques previously: the silver one that is awarded when obtaining 100,000 followers and the gold one when obtaining 1 million. This November 21 the package arrived to his parents in which they recognized the effort and achievements of their son.

The little boy began to catch on in March 2021 when his condition moved many users of the platform and began to quickly gain followers. After his death, his followers campaigned on his behalf after hearing that one of Tomi’s last wishes was to grow as a content creator and they managed to bring his channel to 10 billion followers, the number for which he obtained the diamond button. .

His parents posted a video of how they opened the package that arrived from YouTube. Inside it was a writing that congratulated Tomás very much, which they read aloud and said: “Hello Tomiii 11! When you hit 100,000 subscribers, we thought, ‘Hey, this channel looks good.’ Then you reached one million subscribers and we realized that your success was no accident. But 10 million? You have left us speechless. 10 million subscribers is not just a round number, it is more than the population of New York City. Face it, you are no longer just a big channel, you are now a global phenomenon. You’ve hit the right key and you have a legion of fans who expect a lot from you. We hope you accept this Diamond Creator Award as a symbol of our admiration and respect for all that you have accomplished. You are a strong daily inspiration for us, you have left us speechless, keep it up ”.

When they finished reading the letter, both parents broke down crying. The father congratulated his son out loud, sad but proud he showed a photograph of Tomi to the camera. “Thanks to all the people and all their ‘papus’, who continued to carry out this campaign,” said his mother to finish the video.

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