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According to data from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), currently only 28% of the people who do scientific research in the world are women. Did you know that only 19 women have won a Nobel Prize in science since Marie Curie won it in 1903? In contrast, 570 men have won this award.

Despite the increase in the number of women enrolled in scientific careers in recent decades, the global number of female researchers in the field of science is still very small.

3M seeks to motivate and inspire more girls and women to perform in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines. For that reason, it launches its call for the second edition of 25 Women in Science Latin America 2022 .

This initiative has two objectives. Firstly, to give visibility to the female scientist and recognize the impact that she is generating through her research; and secondly, inspiring new generations of girls to study and pursue STEM careers, explains Adriana Rius, communication and brand leader for 3M Latin America.

More than 1,000 Latin American scientists

The first edition of this initiative had the participation of more than 1,000 Latin American scientists, who presented their projects and stories to a qualifying jury. There were 150 finalist projects and 25 were the most outstanding women scientists from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Panama and Uruguay.

The result of the first edition was the ebook 25 Women in Science: Latin America , which brings together the 25 inspiring stories of inspiring women who seek to change our world through science. To date this ebook has had more than 12,000 downloads. You can get it here .

“Thanks to the recognition of 3M, I have been able to feel empowered, since in the area where I work, the work of women is usually minimized or invisible, since it is common to see men leading this type of field. Initiatives such as 25 Women in Science Latin America now allow women to share their stories and projects to be references that help inspire women and girls to move forward with their dreams, ”said Marili Mora, winner of the first edition of this initiative .

How to take part?

  • If you want to participate in this second edition, you are still on time. The call is open now and until October 31.
  • You must fill out an online form and explain your project between 140 and 280 characters, through this link.
  • A regional qualifying jury made up of academics, leaders and / or specialists from scientific industries, as well as people with extensive experience in science, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability will select the 25 emerging scientists from Latin America 2022.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Potential for direct or indirect social impact in Latin America: the social impact of the project will be evaluated, either in extension (number of people or group / s impacted), as well as in depth (solution or help to a problem of greater or lesser level).
  • Project innovation: the project presented must be innovative and disruptive while the arguments must show its value so that it can become a reality.
  • Project feasibility: this criterion will be evaluated from a technical, economic and organizational perspective.
  • Maturity of the idea: it will be demonstrated through the results of the pilot tests. Therefore, the prototypes must be presented analyzing their operation, scalability and results.
  • Capacity and experience: the potential of the candidates will be another of the determining parameters for the evaluation of the candidacy, since it is understood that the sustainability and success of the projects also lies in the potential of them and their teams.

Women scientists interested in presenting their projects must be of legal age and born or with residence in a Latin American country, be authors or have participated as leaders in at least one project that has a prototype and / or pilot test that shows a idea of scientific innovation based on STEM philosophy. If any of them participated in the last edition, they are welcome to participate again, detailed Rius.

“To guarantee inclusion and avoid cognitive biases , photographs, videos or university origin will not be requested during the first registration phase,” clarified the communication and brand leader for 3M Latin America.

The finalists of this second edition will be announced on February 11, 2022 , during a virtual event, where the second edition of the ebook 25 Women in Science Latin America will also be presented.

The recognitions

Among the benefits that the winners will have are obtaining recognition from 3M Latin America, the inclusion of their projects and stories in the second edition of the commemorative book 25 Women in Science Latin America 2022, as well as access to a course on leadership and innovation in a prestigious academic institution and a scientific visibility and relationship plan.

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