The philosophy that led Bruce Lee to achieve all his successes

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Throughout his life, Lee Jun Fan, better known as Bruce Lee, had the taste and the possibility to develop in the three areas that he was always passionate about: philosophy, martial arts and cinema.

He appeared for the first time in the cinema since he was a baby, playing in the following years roles of children and adolescents in several films. In the United States he studied philosophy and Eastern and Western philosophers. He applied this knowledge to his martial arts, which he also practiced since he was a child, and captured it in his fascinating cinematographic work. No one else could gather and combine his passions better than Bruce Lee.

He was convinced that doing what he was passionate about was what would ensure professional and financial success: “Money is indirect, direct is your ability or whatever you do on your own. If that works, the indirect things also work ”.

Bruce Lee believed faithfully in his ideas and his dreams, which together with the discipline he demonstrated in martial arts as well as his way of conceiving the world, helped him go as far as he wanted. It is said that in one of his letters he “predicted” everything he would do and the success he would achieve, and even the dates on which he would achieve his goals:

“I, Bruce Lee, will be America’s first highest paid Asian superstar. To achieve this, I will give the most exciting performances and give my best as an actor. From 1970 I will achieve world fame, and between that year and 1980, I will have raised 10 million dollars. I will live as I please and I will achieve inner harmony and happiness “

Not only did he become a millionaire for his films, of which the most successful was Operation Dragon (Enter the dragon). He left an extensive legacy that to this day continues to fascinate and help thousands of people around the world and, as a result of his philosophy of winning doing what you are passionate about, he continues to generate profit for his family and for his cause. It is estimated that by 2013 his family raised more than 7 million dollars from the rights of his films, the exploitation of his image for various causes, series and films, as well as the sale of products alluding to his character through its official site.

In addition, since 2019 HBO produced a two-season series called Warrior, based on a writing by Bruce Lee from 50 years ago for a show that he was not allowed to star in at the time.

Shannon Lee, his daughter, is currently in charge of the entire legacy of Bruce Lee, which includes the foundation that bears the name of the martial artist and that according to his website, began as a movement to honor the Bruce Lee’s philosophy and dedication to his craft and his life. Now it has grown into a thriving non-profit organization that motivates people around the world to become the best version of themselves.

Since 2002, the Bruce Lee Foundation has provided financial support to students and families within the United States to attend college, instructed disadvantaged youth in martial arts, and created and led the Bruce Summer Camp, where they teach martial arts to children.

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Father of martial arts or one of the pioneers?

Another part of his legacy was the Jeet kune, a martial arts system that he created and which translated from Cantonese means “the way of the intercepting fist.” Lee created his martial arts style from disciplines as diverse as wing chun, boxing, judo, fencing, Muay Thai, and more. Hence, he can even be considered, if not the father, then one of the pioneers of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Bruce Lee shared his knowledge with various actors, athletes and other public figures whom he trained and who recognized the lessons he left them and that helped them to be better at what they did.

“When a stone is dropped on the surface of the water, that stone drops a series of waves that expand to cover the entire surface. That is exactly what will happen when I turn my ideas into real action “

This was another of Bruce Lee’s great ideas that he demonstrated through his legacy. Today many martial arts schools in the United States and around the world were inspired by both his philosophy and the fighting style that he created.

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