The Famous Hermès Bag Every Influencer Is Wearing

Fun fact: I’m not even supposed to be writing this story right now. Earlier in the week, I was doing a little Instagram research for another handbag roundup when I realized that despite all the new designer bags out there, seemingly every fashion person on my feed was instead sporting an old, iconic classic: the Hermès Kelly bag. You know, the Birkin’s more structured, top-handled sister?

Whether in black or bright colors, smooth or textured leathers, small or large sizes, it was so prevalent within seconds of scanning social media that it just felt weird not to comment on it. Not to mention the bag (and its wearers) are so chic that the many photos I came across also serve as the ultimate outfit inspiration—and no, you don’t need to own an actual Kelly to get the look. While that would be great, the bag is as famous for its high price tag and exclusivity as it is for its timeless design. Even on the resale market, it can cost a small fortune, so we’re lucky there are plenty of other polished styles available to shop at a lower budget so anyone can achieve the classic look. 

Ahead, see how some of our favorite fashion people are styling their Kellys, and shop (or window-shop) pre-owned styles we’re gushing over plus more affordable bags that can get the job done just as well.

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