The 7 Best Chloé Perfumes, According to One Beauty Editor

The first fragrance I ever fell in love with was one that sat on my mom’s vanity when I was young. Not only was I a makeup-obsessed little kid who would beg to wear lipstick and eye shadow to school (the answer was almost always no until I reached middle school), I was also fully enamored with perfume. I loved the different sizes and shapes of the little glass bottles and the way the amber-colored liquid looked inside. On holidays and special occasions, my mom would let me dab a tiny amount of the fragrance on my wrists. I would walk around with my head held high, feeling proud like I was all grown-up. 

When I grew up and (funnily enough) eventually became a beauty writer, it occurred to me that I never actually knew what that fragrance was. So as any good beauty writer would do, I called my mom to find out. It turns out it was Chloé’s first-ever fragrance, created in 1974 under the artistic direction of Karl Lagerfeld (long before he moved on to Chanel). The fragrance featured strong notes of tuberose, which explains why it smelled so warm, rich, and floral. 

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