The 68 Best Fashion Gifts for Your Most Stylish Friend

Gifting season is upon us, folks, and if you’re already overwhelmed, I don’t blame you. There’s a lot out there, and navigating the many, many available options can be hard­—especially if you’re shopping for a picky fashion person. I know because I am one. Not to worry, though, because in an effort to help you out (and drop an abundance of hints for my friends, relatives, or anyone else who feels inclined to buy me a gift), I’ve put together a handy, not-so-little guide, and the time to share it has finally come.

From bags and shoes to homeware, jewelry, knits, and all things miscellaneous, ahead, you’ll find the best gifts on the market right now at every budget. Whether you’re looking to spend $6 or upward of $600 and shopping for yourself or a friend, S.O., colleague, or relative, I’m certain there’s something for you below. Just keep scrolling to get started.

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