Planning shoes for the winter is interesting because on one end, you’re probably buying snow boots to get you through the thick of the weather, and the other end, you’re looking at the heel with the most sparkle or embellishment for the holiday season. I like to call that the duality of fashion. And when you think of footwear for the current season you probably have the general thought of boots on your minds, but there’s a variety of styles to choose from while shopping.

While we’ve already talked about what’s been seen on the runways, I decided to take a look at the current market offering and what the fashion set is wearing currently and pick out the standout themes so when you’re planning your winter wardrobe, you can find what you’ll need at your favorite retailers easily. 

Below, you’ll find the six trends that I think are going to worn (and available to shop) everywhere. You’ll find no-brainer option like cozy shoes and riding boots, but also trends you probably didn’t expect to be blowing up as much as they are, like clogs or wedges. (Yes, wedges.) Keep scrolling for more.

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