When it comes to perfume, I love fragrances that evoke a specific feeling. My favorite fragrances of all time don’t just smell like the notes they’re filled with—they evoke a memory, a person, a place, and sometimes, they even feel like bottled déjà vu. 

Acqua di Parma fragrances each make me feel like I’m adventuring through a different part of Italy. A whiff of one could bring me to brunch in the Tuscan countryside, while another could make me feel like I’m driving a convertible down a windy road on the coast, hair wild in the wind. These fragrances smell wonderful on both men and women, which to me is the mark of a truly well-rounded scent.

I have five favorite Acqua di Parma fragrances that whisk me away to Italy whenever I smell them. One of my favorite things about the brand is that it doesn’t just do fragrance well—it also makes irresistible candles, lotions, diffusers, and more. Order one of the incredible scents as a cologne, or opt for a body product or diffuser.

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