The 38 Coolest Fashion Finds an Editor Saw in October

The end of the month is always bittersweet for me. There’s, of course, that “where did the time go?” feeling, but there’s also a sense of accomplishment for having another 30 or so days in the books, and it means I get to do this story again. I know one shouldn’t choose favorites, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say this was the roundup I most look forward to doing every four to five weeks. There are no rules, no restrictions—just cool pieces and good vibes. And depending on what you’re shopping for to complete your winter wardrobe at the moment, there very well may be a find or two in here for you, too. Regardless, you’ll be entertained at the very least because these are the most interesting items I came across this October, and that’s saying a lot. Ahead you’ll find the 38 pieces—from statement outerwear and party dresses to knits, pants, and next-level boots—that stopped me in my tracks and that you simply had to see.

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