The 31 Chicest Picks on Nordstrom’s Trend Section

There are a few sites I visit on a regular basis (talking weekly here) to find fresh shopping picks. And yep, Nordstrom just so happens to be one of the said stores. I find the new-arrivals section to be particularly appealing. Basically, you can cruise over to that department on the drop-down menu and uncover pages and pages of forward merch to suit a variety of styles.

On that note, the current offering is especially noteworthy. There’s a smattering of chic picks that I’m loving that I think you might be interested in as well. And yep, all of the items in question happen to skew on the affordable end at under $100. Here, I’m talking about everything from modern denim silhouettes to pretty sweaters to gorgeous shoe picks. With all that in mind, keep scrolling for an edit of all of the pieces I’m into. Who knows, you just may find an item or two to mix into your winter rotation.

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