The 17 Best Powdery Perfumes to Add to Your Wish List

Well, I’m here to tell you that maybe you should rethink that notion because there are a lot of so-called “grandma” fragrances out there that are worth spritzing on. And if everyone is gravitating towards the trendy fragrances that are woodsy, fresh florals, or bright citrus, don’t you want to stand out with another type of perfume?

One scent that I don’t think you should write off just yet is a powdery one. I know, the term “powdery” might make you think of something that’s musty or too stale, but trust me. There are a lot of great-smelling options that don’t feel dated and actually feel so modern and of the moment. These are light and delicate. They’re fragrances that people will compliment you on and then beg you, “Tell me what you wearing!” Take a look at some options below.

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