The 17 Best Chanel Nail Polish Colors of All Time

In our humble opinion, everything emblazoned with the iconic Chanel logo warrants attention—and the brand’s nail polish line is no exception.

Brimming with full-bodied hues ranging from classic ruby red to kitschy mint green, there’s a Chanel nail polish color for every occasion. Best of all, each shade is formulated with nourishing ceramides and bioceramides, which work to strengthen nails over time. But considering that the brand currently stocks upward of 100 colors, selecting your signature shade can be a bit daunting.

Thanks to the Chanel Beauty team and their resident nail expert, Betina Goldstein, we were able to narrow it down to the brand’s 10 best-selling hues from the last five years. Below, shop the iconic Chanel nail polish colors, and heed Goldstein’s advice when styling each shade.

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