The 10 Most Popular Brands at Nordstrom and What to Buy

Our readers have made it clear that they love shopping at Nordstrom, so I’m always trying to think of new ways to curate the retailer’s selection from a fashion editor’s point of view. When I was recently browsing the website, one section under the “brands” drop-down menu caught my eye. It was entitled “customers love” and listed 10 brands that are consistently top sellers on Nordstrom’s website. 

So what brands made the list? There’s a healthy mix of high (Gucci) and low (Ugg), with everything in between. For starters, there’s a brand that has cornered the market when it comes to shapewear, a label that’s known for its cozy robes and cardigans, and a company that can’t ever seem to produce enough boots every winter. Scroll down to shop the 10 brands that Nordstrom customers love, and see what I’d buy from each. 

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