I’m a bit of a lash freak. As in, it doesn’t matter if it’s mascara, serum, primer, falsies, extensions, curlers, combs, what have you, I’m either using it, coveting it, or writing about it. And, false eyelashes, specifically, happen to be one of my favorite topics du jour. As someone who grew up wearing falsies more often than not (I basically lived at my dance studio and recitals, competitions, and other types of performances occurred at a weekly cadence), I know how borderline horrifying the less-than-fab false eyelashes can be, but I also know how eye-poppingly wonderful the best ones can be. So, let’s dig into the latter, shall we?

While I’m a firm believer you get what you pay for when it comes to most categories of beauty, false eyelashes are one subset that really doesn’t apply. In fact, when I receive the behind-the-scenes beauty breakdowns for red carpets, celebrities almost exclusively wear false eyelashes that can be found at the drugstore, namely, the best-selling styles you can peruse below from staple brands like Ardell and Kiss. Keep scrolling for five of the most affordable (and popular!) false eyelashes amongst celebrities plus five more iterations we personally love that you can pick up during your next drugstore jaunt. 

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