Taylor Frankel’s Favorite Beauty Products

While makeup was Frankel’s focus early on, she’s also always had a thing for skincare. She loves a good facial and will never turn down a chemical peel. “I find them the most effective in renewing the skin for a healthier complexion,” she says. (She’s also a big proponent of staying hydrated!) So really it was only a matter of time before the Frankels used their makeup philosophy—simplistic, natural beauty for every skin type—to develop a skincare line, too. They collaborated with a leading dermatologist for some expertise in skin science, innovation, natural efficacy, and education, and they committed to using vegan-powered actives and eco-conscious packaging. And the packaging is good—it’s sleek, fun, and definitely grabs your attention while scrolling on Instagram. It’s just what you’d expect from a Gen-Z entrepreneur.

While I’m older than Frankel, I’m definitely not above turning to Gen Z for some beauty and skincare advice. (I mean, I still have to know which products the cool kids are using.) Luckily for me and you, Frankel is sharing her top beauty picks, from a dewy spray serum to self-tanning drops. Keep scrolling for her 14 must-haves.

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