Save an Extra 30 Percent Off Now on a BetterMe Health and Wellness Plan for Starting 2022 Right

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For many, it’s like being on a treadmill. And not in the healthy, getting-in-shape kind of way. Each year, you set a goal to lose weight or improve your fitness. Each year, you settle on a different path to achieve that goal. And every year, something creeps up to throw you off your plan and scuttle your better health dreams by February.


Every year, only five out of 100 people who begin a healthy lifestyle journey actually achieve their goal. Those disappointments often come down to more than simple calculations about calories taken in and calories burned. It can often come down to simply how you think about food, fitness, and ultimately, yourself.

BetterMe knows all too well that a pursuit of better fitness is impacted by how we think as much as the actual actions we take. With their app-based Health Coaching plan, users can not only work through a personalized fitness and eating regimen to help lose weight and create a healthier way of life, but also confront some of the psychological triggers in each of us that can make seeing wellness goals through to the finish line so difficult.

It all begins with a 17-question quiz about you as BetterMe gathers information about yourself, your activity levels, your eating decisions, and more. Armed with that data, each member can access their own personalized set of 10 meal plans and workouts geared to your unique lifestyle. Using the BetterMe app, users can access their easy to use, graphic intensive desktop with extensive summaries to track their overall health progress.

But the crux of the BetterMe plan doesn’t center on calories and numbers. It focuses on changing behaviors that lead to weight gain or unhealthy choices in the first place. 

Built in concert with a team of dietitians and psychologists, the BetterMe program asks members questions that prompt a reevaluation of their mindset and worldview. Over the course of a few months, this approach helps shift thinking, leading to improved relationships with food and the body and help create long-term healthy habits, the company says. 

By identifying negative thoughts and triggers that prevent users from achieving goals, BetterMe counters with the tools for healthy lifestyle management. Promoting self-awareness and mindfulness, psychological guidance and coach support gradually shift the emphasis from physical appearance to physical health, training users in building their own healthy mindset, BetterMe says.

Inclusion is a watchword in the BetterMe philosophy, with programs tailored to all types of members. From prenatal yoga workouts for expectant mothers to workouts specifically for wheelchair users to programs crafted for seniors, BetterMe believes everyone has a right to a healthy lifestyle.

Right now, you can head over to the BetterMe website, take their introductory quiz, then check out the personalized meal and workout plan contoured to your needs. New members can also receive 30 percent off when they use the promo code BetterMe-Plan-21 when they make their purchase.

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