Reyes: 5 strategies to sell more during this ‘marathon’

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Taking advantage of the December holidays , also known as the “Guadalupe – Reyes” marathon because it includes the period between December 12 and January 6, in your business is a good initiative to end the year with profits through the roof. It is quite easy, because customers buy everything for these dates and many are willing to pay large sums of money to satisfy their tastes and those of their family. What’s more, many businesses reach up to 50% of their annual income at this time.

With these five strategies your company will take advantage of the end of the year celebrations . Just adapt them to your business model and get ready to earn more.

1. Products and services for everyone

Everyone wants to buy, but not everyone has the same money, so you must offer options for each pocket. If your company generally manages high prices, offer a discount that makes them more accessible; If, on the contrary, your costs are low, create “special products” of higher quality that can increase the average price.

2. Christmas packages

It does not matter so much what goes inside the package, as long as it has a good packaging. Worry about making decorated boxes or gift bags with images of the season and in them you can store soaps, lotions or chocolates, depending on your products and your business concept.

Or, you can sell them empty so that customers can put in them what they want to give away. This is a good idea, because it makes it easier for your customers to buy and wrap their gifts, which they will thank you for.

3. Various products or services

In addition to selling individual items, you can offer promotions that include multiple products or services, so that it is more convenient for the customer to buy them all together, rather than separately.

For example, a salon may offer a haircut, hair massage, and manicure, all for a set price.

4. Volume discounts

Create a sales strategy so that your business is number one in the minds of customers and that they prefer you as the first option. You can offer a discount on the first purchase or if they carry more than a certain number of products.

5. Reward your customers

To achieve consumer loyalty, you must offer them something in return, for example, give a great discount or a coupon in exchange for a long-term purchase commitment.

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