Reneé Rapp Makes Her TV Debut in The Sex Lives of College Gi

While Rapp found common ground with her character in many ways, Leighton’s polished style was not one of them. A self-described “East Coast fashion person,” Rapp’s sartorial proclivities are far from that of Leighton’s preppy look—think matching tweed sets, cardigans, and Gucci heeled loafers. The actress laughs while thinking back on her fittings with costume designers Salvador Pérez Jr. and Glinda Suarez. 

“Leighton’s style is such a beast. It’s very opposite from how I dress in real life, so it was a challenge. Clothing is so important to me in terms of my comfort zone and how I carry myself. Sometimes, I would be in these clothes, and for me, this kind of ties into [Leighton’s] story a little too much, but for me, as a kid, I tried for a very long time to present a certain way, to keep things about myself on the back burner,” Rapp says. “It was scary to go back into a place that was, for me personally, so preppy and put-together and this type of girl. I think they nailed such a specific heightened world of this character, but for me, it was such a leap because it was really uncomfortable. But that’s acting.”

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