Polygel Nails: What to Know About the New Hybrid Manicure

Polygel nail enhancements are an ideal, nail-saving alternative to regular gel or acrylics. Regular gel is extremely thin and can cause a lot of damage to your natural nail if you’re not careful. Acrylics are great for those who want their nails to appear longer, but their thickness can cause them to break more easily than polygel. That’s what makes polygel nails unique—the formula has the same durability as acrylics but is lighter and more malleable.

According to Gerstein, when applied and removed correctly, polygel shouldn’t cause any damage to your natural nails. Because it’s also so easy to sculpt and shape, you may be wondering if you can try this yourself at home. Gerstein advises, “These products should be applied by experts only and require maintenance for a perfect 10!”

Although it’s probably best to see a trained nail technician for this kind of manicure, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn with proper research. If you are interested in learning and want to invest in your own polygel kit, the internet has your back. Check out the best polygel nail-enhancement kits below.

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