New York Packing List: 35 Items to Bring on Your Trip

I have plans to visit NYC for Thanksgiving and I’ve already been thinking about which items to add to my New York packing list. I used to live in NYC but I’m out of practice now that I live in L.A.—especially when it comes to dressing for cold winter days. With that in mind, I needed some reminders of what to wear and came up with a handy list of pieces to pack in my suitcase next month.

It’s a mix of pieces I already own that I consider to be winter staples, like tailored coats and turtlenecks, with some trend-forward pieces that are having a moment this season that are sitting in my cart. That includes everything from chunky platforms boots and shearling jackets cargo pants and colorful striped knits. Ahead, see the pieces that have landed on my New York packing list.

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