My Mom Named the Best Nordstrom Gifts, and I Love Them All

When I initially asked my mom to help me with this story, she immediately insisted that she’s terrible at giving gifts. Spoiler alert­: That’s not true. It doesn’t matter if it’s for herself or others, she happens to be an excellent shopper. Whether she was being bashful or trying to get out of a few hours’ work, we’ll never know, but as soon as I started probing her for specific ideas, the suggestions came pouring in and the rest is history.

So, today you get to enjoy the fruits of her labor—plus a little of mine. From home finds to loungewear to the best accessories for giving, below you’ll find 34 next-level holiday gifts we think your friends, relatives, colleagues, or anyone else would be more-than-happy to receive. And did I mention they’re all from Nordstrom? With that, just keep scrolling to get shopping.

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