I’m in L.A. & My Friend’s in Dallas—We’re Into These Trends

We turn to Janet Gunn and Cathy Williamson on the regular for their inspiring style. For reference, Gunn lives in L.A. and Williamson lives in Dallas. (Gunn has also lived in Texas in the past.) Given that we’re often intrigued by what people are wearing in various cities, we thought we’d get a sense from both of them about the specific trends they’re wearing the most right now for their busy lives in their respective cities—you know, to potentially spark some inspiration (regardless of where we all live).

And actually, this all came at the perfect time because Gunn visited Williamson in Texas, so they were actually able to shoot a bit of imagery together wearing the items they both swear by. With all that in mind, keep scrolling for a range of visual inspiration and information on why the trends in question are front-runners for these two women. You’ll also notice shopping recommendations sprinkled throughout in case you’re interested in adding one of the items to your wardrobe.

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