I Shop on Amazon All the Time—These 37 Staples Stand Out

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to buy for your friends and family—but also what you’re going to get for yourself. This year, I’m focusing on giving myself the gift of a timeless wardrobe made easy.

My Amazon wish list is filled with so many staples that I’m finally ready to pull the trigger on. I’m obsessed with this purse that looks like a Prada dupe. Oh, and it’s less than $25. If you’ve also been eyeing a pair of vintage-inspired aviators, there’s a pair for under $15 that’s already in my cart. You’re welcome.

Beyond accessories, I’m ready to admit that I’ve been influenced by Emily Mariko and her short Ugg boots. I think I need them in every color.

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