Dynasty Star Liz Gillies Takes Us Through Her Closet

Actress Liz Gillies has taken more than one styling cue from her Dynasty character, Fallon Carrington.

“Fallon and I have similar taste, but she definitely goes places that I normally would never go in real life,” Gillies explains. “She takes chances that I would not take, but she has influenced my style a lot.” 

Prior to working on the show, Gillies only wore black, but that all changed when she started playing Fallon: “I started this show, and that changed really fast. Her fashion sense has definitely impacted me and my choices.”

The dramatic coats, dresses, and shoes that Gillies wears on the show are meant to be an extension of her character. “Without these clothes, Fallon would not be the character that she is, and I think I can say that for all of the characters on the show,” she says.

As Gillies and the costume designers are picking out Fallon’s outfits, they have to take a lot of variables into account. “It’s so important that we get it right when we’re picking out these outfits,” she says. “We’re thinking about what kind of mood she’d be in, what the other characters are wearing.”

When it comes to her closet, Gillies’s character loves to show off. From a bold Gucci suit to more than one vintage-inspired Alessandra Rich dress, Fallon loves to make a statement

Speaking of making a statement, one of Gillies’s favorite pieces that she’s worn on the show is a Monique Lhuillier gown that has a train—yes, a train.

“I was living my ’70s fantasy in this dress,” she recalls. “I sang ‘Leather and Lace’ in this dress. A lot of good things happened in this dress.”

We’re also extremely jealous of the shoe collection that Gillies walked us through, including a pair of Gucci heels that Fallon wore one too many times.

“Fallon would not stop wearing [these] in season one. We wore them too much, and we actually had to retire them because we felt maybe Fallon wouldn’t wear the same shoe that many times,” she confesses.

One of Gillies’s favorite pairs of shoes that her character wore is a pair of bedazzled Christian Louboutin heels that she wore to the ball in Paris in the second season, which she calls one of her favorite pairs of Fallon shoes of all time. 

We can definitely understand why.

Watch the video below to see Gillies walk us through the fictional closet of our dreams!

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