Five pieces in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without:

Definitely jeans, a couple of pairs of jeans. The standard black Chanel purse that you use every day, for sure. That’s my go-to. A black turtleneck that I feel like you always wear. And at the moment at least, I wear these Jimmy Choo high heels—not high heeled, but they’re high boots. They’re super warm, and they don’t look so shitty when it’s freezing out. They’re not the snow-boot kind of boots. So I’ve been wearing those a lot. And then, the sweats, unfortunately. 

Go-to jeans:

I love these YSL jeans that I just got. They’re really cool. They’re very small, so I feel like I can only wear them at certain times of the month. Like, I have to lay down to button them. I have actually a Zara pair of jeans. I didn’t want to spend money on designer jeans for them because, you know, you feel like an asshole. They’re like copies of the typical ’90s jean, high-waisted and tight. I’m gonna wear them probably for a month or two, but right now, I live in them. 

Zara has good jeans.

They do, yeah. 

If you can get them before they sell out. 

Oh, yeah. Get that app, man.

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