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Nicholas Merten , an expert in cryptography, predicts that the digital currency ethereum will overtake bitcoin in the market after reaching its highest value since May 2018. He clarified that these events will not come immediately, but that he does not doubt that the “altcoins” they will be the dominant ones in the cryptocurrency market.

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“This is incredibly bullish. You have to be able to look at this chart and notice this kind of technical pattern, a first initial super break here in price after having multiple higher lows and higher highs, coming out of the capitulation or accumulation phase ”, explained in the video.

He shared the information on his YouTube channel, in it he tells his subscribers that when seeing the graphs of the cryptocurrencies it is clear that etheruem will pass to all the others. “Time will have to tell if ethereum beats bitcoin, but the possibility of that happening is increasingly likely,” Merten added.

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