Craig Wright stated in 2016 that he had used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto to launch Bitcoin, this week it was decided if they would give him the authorship

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If you are very involved in the world of cryptocurrencies, you have surely heard the name of Satoshi Nakamoto , the creator of Bitcoin . But it appears that the name was actually the pseudonym of the Australian scientist, Craig Wright , who revealed his true identity in 2016. Problems with this issue were expected to arise since an anonymous person revealed to the world Bitcoin.


Wright didn’t come out of nowhere, he was the one who created the architecture of the first online gambling program. He has also worked in cybersecurity within different companies. It also has several projects based on the development of blockchain including the creation of the first bank based on Bitcoin. When he decided to leave anonymity, he presented several documents that support his claim of authorship.

However, it was not as easy as he would have liked. The family of his late partner, Dave Kleiman, sued him claiming that the Bitcoin had been a joint idea with Dave for which he deserved a share of the assets. Wright commented that the only contribution his partner had made was moral support.

After arduous deliberation in Miami, the jury found in favor of Wright on 6 of the 7 counts against him. They gave him the reason in being the creator of Bitcoin, but found that he had improperly exercised control over one of its properties, W&K for which he had to pay 100 billion dollars to the electronic assembly company.

“The decision made by the jury today reinforces what we already knew to be the truth. Dr. Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, the sole creator of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, and Craig Wright did not partner with David Kleiman to mine Bitcoin, “said one of Wright’s attorneys.

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