Bella Hadid Just Wore the Cloud Coat Trend

NYC dweller Bella Hadid has really been putting her new fall gear to good use lately. As usual, she’s been stepping out in one trend after another and the latest one caught our attention immediately: a cloud coat. And we just declared cloud coats the smartest fall buy of 2021. 

Cloud coats are quilted coats that are typically made of lightweight nylon. They vary in warmth levels, but most are less warm than their cousin the puffer jacket. They’re also generally dressier and more elevated than a puffer, and often have buttons instead of zippers. Both inexpensive and designer versions abound, but Hadid went with a short Burberry cloud coat that could feasibly stay in her wardrobe for years. Keep scrolling to shop that exact one, as well as a few other options that you’ll wear over and over.

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