Attendance on Black Friday this year was 28% lower than in 2019

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The Friday after Thanksgiving, the American holiday, is known as Black Friday and is famous because it is the day of the year with the most discounts in the country. The shopping malls fill with crowds fighting over the products they want to take home.


This year attendance decreased 28% compared to 2019, the last Black Friday before the pandemic. But little by little the world is returning to normal and there were a large number of people who went to buy in physical stores. There were also many who chose to make their purchases online, where you can also have access to discounts.

Last year online purchases on this day hit a record $ 9 million, this month it was lower thanks to people going to shopping malls, but still 8.9 billion were sold through websites.

According to analysts, it was also influenced that customers began to make their purchases earlier in the year thanks to the habit of buying online. “It’s a sign that consumers started shifting their spending early in the season, responding to promotions and offers from retailers that began in October,” said Adobe Analytics, who analyzed the data.

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