Ashley Moore Is Embracing Her Fears

It is a bit ironic that someone who isn’t a fan of the genre would make her debut in a horror series, but as Moore reminds me toward the end of our conversation, “the world can be as terrifying as a scary film.” And in a way, she’s right. What’s more terrifying than leaving home to pursue a dream? Or pivoting your career entirely? Or putting your body of work out into the world for consumption and criticism? Terror isn’t just found on-screen (though, if you watch I Know What You Did Last Summer, you will get a good scare)—it’s present in our daily lives. 

Fortunately, the most terrifying thing we contend with in our lives isn’t ghosts, cults, or killers. Rather, it’s realizing and committing to our dreams. It’s easy to see how a split-second decision made by a character in a horror movie can lead to their demise or salvation, but rarely do we reflect upon the minute decisions we make every day—when, in Moore’s own words, “you don’t know you’ll make it until you’re there at that moment.” We all think we’d go a different route, that we’d be unaffected by our fears of failure, of loneliness, of lack, but we never know how we’ll handle a situation until we’re fully in it. For Moore, fear moves beyond films and into her life without depleting her. It’s the nudge needed to do the scary work of showing up, stepping into a character, and putting her soul out there for the world to see. Her tenacity and commitment to her craft, to herself, and to the life she envisions for herself (even if it terrifies the f*ck out of her) make her one to watch.

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