While the fashion industry still has a ways to go on and off the runway when it comes to size inclusivity, we have seen major steps in the right direction over the last couple of years. For instance, brands such as Mango and ASOS cater to curvier bodies on a larger scale and there are a growing number of incredible plus size brands that were built with inclusivity in mind from its inception, such as Good American and the small brand Karoline Vitto.

Even still, plus size options can feel far and few in between compared to the offering for straight sizes, especially when you’re looking for something specific. (Is it just us, or should brands start offering all of their styles in extended sizes, and not just some?) Building up your wardrobe for a new season can feel daunting enough for anyone, but even more so if you wear anything above a size 12. So, we turned to the holy grail of inspiration —Instagram —to swipe a few outfit ideas we think will lessen the load for you.

The key to building a thriving wardrobe in any case is mixing basic and trendy items, and these outfits are proof the formula works for any size.

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