8 Black-Knee-High-Boot Outfits Worth Copying

When I say black knee-high boots are my holy grail, there is no exaggeration in my bold statement. Surviving colder weather while also looking cute starts with this exact shoe style. I think I’ve worn my favorite pair a billion times, and they’re still as good as new. One of my surprisingly favorite ways to wear mine is tucked into a wide-leg pair of blue jeans. This is a genius hack to keep your legs warm and also alludes to longer legs. When you find a pair that you can walk for miles in, you will be just as enamored.

I’ll get you there today with a quick browse of my picks that—I must say—are pretty darn good. In some ways, you can never truly have enough pairs because there’s always something new to love on the horizon. Whether it’s Western-inspired boots, rubber stompers, or the elegant stiletto staple, each serves a completely different purpose. I, for one, alternate between my forever classic and exciting cowboy boots, depending on the occasion. Scroll on to discover your new favorite pair of black knee-high boots and outfit ideas that will help you make the most of them. 

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