7 Ways to Try to Colored Leather Trend

Sorry to break it to you, but it’s going to get a lot less sunny from here on out. Since we’re inching closer and closer to dark, dreary winter months, you might as well make up for it with your clothes. Enter: colored leather. From vibrant shades of citrusy orange to beautiful hues that resemble the freshness of crisp greens, saturated shades of leather (real or faux) are gaining serious momentum. It’s not for the faint of heart, but of course, a pair of magenta patent leather pants is sure to get people’s attention. 

As expected, Scandi brands have been all over the emerging trend with labels like Rotate by Birger Christensen and Hosbjerg releasing two-piece colored sets that have swiftly taken over social media. Other pieces like Simon Miller’s patent pants are also a hot commodity, with more designer names swiftly catching up with their takes on colorful leather. It’s surprisingly simple to pull off once you figure out how to balance out their vibrancy, but if you’re still clueless—don’t worry I’ve got plenty of examples below. Give your black leather pants a rest, and embrace the vibrant side—guaranteed you’ll receive all the compliments.

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