7 New Items That Could Become True Wardrobe Staples

I look at a lot of fashion products on a regular basis given my role as an editor. When I’m doing research for my various stories, I get the most excited when I uncover something that has the power to become a true wardrobe go-to. I’m referring to staples that are modern, trend-forward, and versatile. And let me just say that the latest drop from our namesake line, Who What Wear Collection, has a culmination of pieces that fit within that wardrobe-staple criteria. 

Below, you’ll get a sense of the specific items I’m into and that I think you’ll love as well. The pieces included in the edit are front-runners and could become new closet staples because they can be styled with so many different items to create a range of standout looks. For reference, the first knit you’ll see is already a favorite of mine that I’m wearing with trousers and jeans.

Keep scrolling to check out seven new pieces to consider, complete with visual inspiration from our fashion editors.

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