6 Fall Layering Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

This fall, I’m trying to make more intentional buying decisions and am looking to my existing wardrobe for outfit inspiration. Turns out, I already have a lot of pieces that, when layered correctly, can make several fall outfits from thin air. While some may say living in L.A. isn’t conducive to fall layering, that post-sunset temperature drop is real and would argue otherwise. Lucky for us, it’s nothing another layer or two can’t fix. 

Below are six outfit combinations I created with “boring” staples like a button-down shirt, a mesh top, and a slip dress—all of which you likely already have in your closet. These outfit templates have not disappointed me yet and can be remixed all season long to your liking. I was even able to repurpose some summer hero pieces into fall outfits, proving there’s no reason summer ever needs to end. Keep scrolling to see the fall layering hacks I’m using to get the most from my closet this fall.

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