When a new year kicks off, my attention often shifts to my sartorial habits and how my style might evolve in the coming months. I typically start going through my closet to uncover those items I’m going to store away or donate and then map out which pieces I may want to swap in to keep my vibe feeling fresh.

Well, I recently sorted through part of my wardrobe and realized that there are a few basics, in particular, that I probably won’t be wearing as much in 2022. There’s certainly nothing wrong with said items, but I’m just not as into them and favor other silhouettes instead. Of course, though, I fully believe that you should wear whatever you love, despite what anyone else thinks.

That said, if you are looking for a bit of inspiration as you kick off the new year, the elevated-basics shopping list below could be of interest. Keep scrolling to check out the items I’m into as well as those I’m not loving as much. There’s also a range of styling references and product recommendations.

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