35 Black Friday Fashion Finds That You Won’t Regret Buying

There is no easier time to impulse shop than on Black Friday. Because of that, the shopping event of the season is also responsible for some of our most regretful purchases, be it a TV that’s far too big for a studio apartment or a designer bag that you really didn’t need to splurge on. That is why this year, we’re not leaving anything to chance, and ensuring that every gift you buy this weekend (that is, if it comes from the list below) is 100% regret-proof. You’re welcome. 

From the ultimate pair of black jeans and more elevated basics to both sleek and chunky boots that will round out your winter collection, the Black Friday finds ahead include a little bit of everything. So whether you keep to your budget with a pair of silver huggies or splurge on knee-high boots that you’ll no doubt wear again and again, you can rest easy knowing that whatever you buy, you won’t wake up the next day with that oh-so-familiar guilty feeling in your gut. 

Scroll on for 35 Black Friday steals that are guaranteed winners.

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