3 Things That Always Make an Outfit Look More Expensive

If I’m an expert at anything, it’s finding things that look way more expensive than they are. I’m always looking for the next cool thing, investing in fashion risks, and testing out new trends—aka constantly shopping—so I literally can’t afford to cash out all the time. After trying on what feels like hundreds of thousands of clothes, bags, and accessories, I’ve developed a discerning, CIA-level eye for fabrics, construction, and fit that would make even the best bootleggers sweat (and give me a heavy discount). That stitching is plastic, sir.

My years of scientific research have shown the trick to looking expensive is finding inherently luxe pieces to anchor all your looks, and the three items below reliably meet that need. There are so many options in each of these categories this season, so stay woke, and keep scrolling to see the best finds from across the internet. Here’s to us manifesting a rich auntie winter. Clink, clink!

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