3 Chic Basics That Rake in the Compliments

Our biggest priority when putting together a “perfect outfit” is to create a look that truly leans into our own unique styles. Of course, an ensemble that also happens to be comfortable is a bonus—so is one that garners a compliment or two from our inner circle. On that note, during one of our recent team meetings, the convo eventually led to a shopping discussion about the fall pieces we’re all particularly loving. Interestingly enough, there were three elevated basics that received the most praise given the fact that, when paired with other chic items, they often inspire those “love your outfit” compliments.

Here, we’re talking about next-level versatile items that are simple yet fashion-forward and will garner those A+ reactions. If you’re intrigued and looking to potentially add a fresh staple into your mix for the season, what’s coming your way might be of particular interest. Keep scrolling to check out the three compliment-worthy trendy basics in question, complete with styling and shopping inspiration.

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