29 Fall Nordstrom Items to Buy If You’re on a Budget

My friends often tap me for fashion and shopping ideas. Given my role as a fashion editor, I’m always down to share the latest items I’ve uncovered while doing market research. On that note, one of my dear friends said she has about $175 max to spend on new clothes and wanted a few suggestions on pieces I liked. Given that Nordstrom is her absolute go-to store, I said I’d send over a few pieces from that retailer specifically.

I ended up texting my friend links to four Nordstrom items I thought would really pique her interest. The finds were particularly noteworthy because I thought they were trend-forward but also versatile and could be styled with a range of other items already in her wardrobe. Keep scrolling to check out my curation (the first four items below). If you go further, I rounded up a smattering of other under-$100 Nordstrom items that I thought were chic as well.

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