29 Cozy Fashion Items Under $100

In my household, I have two nicknames: the obvious, Jude, and the not so obvious, Queen Cozy—a name my husband bestowed on me after observing my shopping habits. You see, every time we would go out shopping (you know, when we used to go out of the house to shop), I’d always seem to gravitate towards all things cozy—cushy sherpa boots, a plush pillow, faux-fur slippers, or yet another pair of seriously soft socks. What can I say? I like to be cocooned in all things cushy! So with winter just around the corner, today, I wanted to share some of my favorite cozy pieces on the internet right now. From plush robes to the softest sweatpants, these picks below will uplift your spirits and keep you toasty on the coldest winter’s day. And the best part? All my picks are under $100.

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