28 Fashion, Beauty, and Wellness Buys for Black Friday

At any given point throughout the year, I have a running list of things to buy that I keep in the notes app of my phone and desktop. On it are all of the holes I’ve identified in my life—you’ll find anything from a new white T-shirt to the It bag I’m lusting after or even the supplements my friend recommended to me. I use this list as a way to save up for the items I really want and avoid making random impulse purchases that I may or may not regret later.

Now that the shopping event of the year (Black Friday is November 26—mark your calendars) is mere weeks away, I’m getting my shopping list in tip-top shape so I can hit the ground running as soon as my favorite brands and retailers start offering some of their steepest discounts of the year. While none of them have confirmed just yet, I’ll be watching on each retailer’s site to see if they announce any great deals. I just put the finishing touches on my Black Friday shopping list, and biased as I may be, I thought it was way too good to keep to myself. Curious to see what’s on it?

Scroll down to see the exact list I have going in my Notes section and then shop everything on it, including fashion, beauty, and wellness buys.

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