25 Under-$70 Winter Items We’re Adding to Cart

While everyone on my timeline was seemingly living their best life, apple-picking and partaking in other cold-weather festivities this weekend, I was nestled on my couch doing what I do best: digital window-shopping. Even with the blitz of Black Friday a stone’s throw away, I still can’t seem to resist the urge of clicking through every online store known to man. My scroll-through game is strong, so I managed to browse hundreds of pages in just one single lazy afternoon. During my Sunday browsing session, I stumbled upon a selection of new arrivals that particularly boosted my excitement. 

A flood of new styles from Who What Wear’s Target collection recently dropped, and it’s no exaggeration when I say they’re good. It includes everything from fancy-looking faux leather to sumptuous party-ready velvet, along with a slew of versatile basics (albeit with a twist). Since mostly each piece sits nicely under the $40 mark, the guilt of buying new clothes only a week out from the biggest sale event of the year feels a little less pungent. To check out all the items that made it to my basket, keep scrolling. 

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