When it comes to shopping—especially online shopping—the pieces that end up making the cut are always a gamble for me. And while I tend to err on the assertive, decisive side of being a Taurus shopper, I realized that buying clothing versus accessories is a completely different story. Investing in handbags and shoes is where my Taurus tendencies shine. I know exactly what I want (because I’ve been toying with purchasing the item for months), and I precisely budget for the buy. On the other hand, shopping for clothing has always been much more of a game of survival of the fittest for me. When I am placing a robust online order, I hope for the best, but I’m very picky, which lends itself to a lot of returns. 

However, I practically have it down to a science that fuses two different points of view: the seasonal trends I am keen on at that given time and trusty wardrobe classics I continually invest in, like a fitted ribbed tank top or wide-leg denim. Ahead, I’m revealing the 25 fashion picks that have passed my trying test with flying colors.

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