24 Clothing Picks That Are Comfortable and Stylish Too

I am sick of being uncomfortable. My day-to-day outfits are always so structured. Whether it be skin-tight leather pants to work, a bodycon dress on a night out, or even just mid-rise jeans to go run errands, my body is being constantly squeezed by fabric and sometimes I just want to let everything loose.

I had just gotten home from a day at the office, when my roommate burst in through the front door. She said a quick hello to me and our dog and then made a beeline for her room. She emerged after no more than twenty seconds, no longer in what I call her “paralegal power pantsuit” and instead in a cozy purple sweatsuit

“Where in the world did you get that?” I said, immediately envious of her cozy attire.

“Amazon,” She said, and immediately I grabbed my computer.

There was the solution. Comfy clothing, cute enough to wear outside or inside, that won’t break the bank. I scrolled through endless options of cute, cozy clothes that I couldn’t wait to change into the second I came home from work, a wild bar night, or a day out and about. 

Fast forward 24 hours to my roommate and I lounging on our couch in matching sweatsuits, with our dog longingly gazing at our outfits (or our fried rice, not sure which).

Keep scrolling for my 24 clothing picks from Amazon that are comfy and stylish.

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