18 Beauty-Tool Sales to Prioritize for Black Friday 2021

Black Friday is obviously a great time to stock up on all the things—makeup, skincare, clothes—you name it. But you know what it’s especially handy for? Investing in those pricier beauty tools you might otherwise leave on your wish list. Now, hear me out. Although many of these skincare devices might seem like a gimmick, technology has come a long way. Many of these devices are now a full-on home facial, and I’m not really mad about it. Who doesn’t want clear, glowing skin from the comfort of their own home?

Now that the deals are officially rolling in, I say take the plunge and direct some of your Black Friday budget to one of these gadgets while they’re temporarily reasonable on your wallet. Whether you’re on the hunt for a good roller, microdermabrasion device, cleansing wand, or facial sculpting kit, keep scrolling below for all the best beauty tools that are lower-priced (just for the weekend).

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