If you live in a bite-sized apartment like I do, you can probably relate to the feeling of being overrun by your own belongings. In my case, it’s my wardrobe. Being a fashion editor makes things even more crowded, with clothing, shoes, and accessories taking up pretty much all of the minimal space that I do have. So in an effort to clear up space and add some much-needed feng shui to my living situation, I decided to start 2022 off with a sartorial refresh. Goodbye, excess; hello, capsule closet. 

To turn this thought into a reality, I zeroed in on 16 wardrobe essentials that I simply couldn’t leave behind in 2021. I didn’t technically get rid of everything that failed to fit within the 16-piece list—at least not yet—but for the most part, the classic pieces ahead make up the majority of my clothing options moving forward. And surprisingly, for someone who’s become accustomed to owning a lot of things, I’m not mad about the result. Keep scrolling to find out what pieces made the cut.

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