15 Pretty Makeup Looks to Wear All Year Long

As a beauty editor, I’m constantly scrolling through Instagram to find and save makeup content. I call it research, although I’m sure other people would call it an obsession. I save every mesmerizing makeup look and mini-tutorial into a specific collection. I reference that collection whenever I’m working on a story about specific trends, tools, techniques, or eras (most recently, I reviewed my collection of posts before writing a piece on the top 10 most iconic ’70s makeup looks). Sometimes, though, I go through it when I need a little inspiration of my own. 

Seeing as my collection has grown well beyond triple digits, I thought it was high time to go through it and pull out my most favorite makeup looks of them all. It took me a lot of time and focus, but over the course of a couple of weeks, I completed my goal. Keep scrolling to see 15 of the best makeup looks on Instagram (at least in my humble opinion). 

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