15 Examples of Chunky Highlights That Are So Chic

When it comes to switching up my hairstyle, I can get a little shy. In fact, I’ve had the same hairstyle (long, bleached, center-parted) for nearly 10 years. And what’s really quite funny is that despite the fact that my hair has looked the same that whole time, the techniques I find myself asking the hairstylist for have varied drastically over the years. First, I was asking for ombré, then balayage, and now it tends to be something along the lines of “babylights but kind of balayage and don’t forget the root stretch, please?” Yep, navigating the world of hair color can be quite the minefield. And frankly, I’m a little fed up with the same old, same old.

Luckily, there’s a new hair color trend on the block, and it’s set to spice things up a little. That’s right—it’s the ’90s chunky highlight. But before you start experiencing flashbacks of zebra-like orange stripes courtesy of your favorite box dye, fear not. This time around, the chunky highlight has had a bit of a makeover. Combining the original concept with other techniques such as balayage, babylights, or face-framing, the humble chunky highlight is back—and I’m kind of loving it.

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