14 Gifts Cool People in the Beauty Industry Are Hoping For

As a beauty editor, I can start feeling jaded from all of the different product launches and deals that come through my inbox. Sometimes there are so many that I have no idea where to start—and beauty is my job. I know how overwhelming it is to try to sort through an already oversaturated market, and throw in Black Friday deals and holiday shopping? Forget about it. 

When I feel overwhelmed by beauty products, I turn to the experts. I realize not everyone has access to people in the beauty industry the same way I do, but I’m feeling festive, so I decided to share the wealth this year. 

I reached out to nine of the coolest people I know in the beauty industry and had them tell me what’s on the top of their lists for the holidays this year. Some gifts are on every die-hard beauty enthusiast’s list (like the Droplette, which is perhaps the best investment skincare tool of the year), while others are pleasantly surprising and would make the most thoughtful, unique gifts (a fragrance specifically for your sheets, anyone?). See below for their holiday wish lists, and be sure to snag their picks for Black Friday shopping since they’re more than worth it.

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